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7th Annual MLB Pitch, Hit and Run Competition - Results are In!
On Saturday, March 24th, Beyond the Bases hosted our 7th annual MLB Pitch,, Hit, and Run competition on Mustang II Field. We had over 70 boys and girls come out and show off their pitching, hitting and running skills for a chance to advnace to the Austin Sectional Round! Thank you to everyone who participated, and thank you to Oak Hill Youth Sports Association for letting us put on this fun event. 

We are excited to announce out champions, each of whom will advance to the Sectional Round:

7-8 Girls

All-Around Champion: Skylar Baucher

Hitting Champion: Skylar Baucher

Pitching Champions: Skylar Baucher, Claire Peters

Running Champion: Isabella McCreless

9-10 Girls

All-Around Champion: Laila Pina

Hitting Champion: Laila Pina

Pitching Champions: Laila Pina, Daniella Williams

Running Champion: Kat Guerrero

13-14 Girls

All-Around Champion: Maya Choksi

7-8 Boys

All-Around Champion: Easton Bullock

Hitting Champion: Jake Bremer

Pitching Champions: Easton Bullock, Brock Kelley, Rhett Cox, Chase Webber, Nate Gibbons, James Bramble

Running Champion: Brock Kelley

9-10 Boys

All-Around Champion: Greyson Billodeau

Hitting Champions: Liam McDonald, Tyler Payne

Pitching Champion: Greyson Billodeau

Running Champions: Greyson Billodeau, Rowan Cox

11-12 Boys

All-Around Champion: Jack Unberhagen

Hitting Champion: Elijah Castillo

Pitching Champions: Jack Unberhagen, Cohen Beacom, Harrison Chang

Running Champion: Darius Williams

13-14 Boys

All-Around Champion: Paul Galletti

Hitting Champion: Paul Galletti, Eli Overstreet

Pitching Champion: Jaret Cole

Running Champion: Paul Galletti

All of our winners will be contacted soon by Scott Roush, head of Beyond the Bases Austin Operations. Congratulations again to all our champions, we wish you all the best in the Sectional round!

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us at